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Our mission

The Management of the pension assets is geared towards achieving an appropriate long-term return for our insureds. In doing so, we consciously take investment risks, that we can and want to bear. Long-term investment income, together with employee and employer contributions, finance the pension fund benefits promised in the regulations. In our activities, we pay attention to a high level of professional competence and robust processes.


Investment organisation

The Foundation Council determines the principles and goals of the investments and approves the long-term investment strategy. The Investment Committee is the body responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the investment strategy. The office is the competence centre for investment. It controls and monitors the activities of the instructed partners in investment management. It is also responsible for developing decision-making basis and executing those decisions in practise.

Foundation Council:

Investment strategy

Investment Committee:

Implementation and monitoring

comPlan office:

Competence centre


Investment strategy

Considering existing and future pension obligations, the Foundation Council defines an investment strategy designed to ensure comPlan's long-term financial stability. It is designed for about a decade. Fundamental, global economic changes are taken into account. The investment strategy is based on comPlan's structural and financial risk capacity and is significant for return and risk.

  Target value
Nominal values within Switzerland 12%
Nominal values worldwide 31%
Shares within Switzerland
Shares worldwide
Real estate within Switzerland 13%
Real estate worldwide 7%
Private market investments
Commodities investments 4%
Total assets 100%
Thereof foreign currencies unhedged


Current asset allocation

Based on its investment strategy, comPlan invests just under half in interest-bearing nominal assets, the remainder in real assets such as equities or real estate. Deviations from the investment strategy may occur due to market fluctuations or during pro rata implementation of a new investment strategy. Nominal assets are considered to be less risky than real assets. They generate less return, but their value doesn’t fluctuate as much. Investments in real assets are necessary in order to generate a long-term return that co-finances the promised pension benefits.


Changes in the asset allocation

Over the past five years, the percentage of nominal assets Switzerland in particular has been reduced in favour of nominal assets worldwide and real estate investments. Assets under management rose from CHF 9.1 billion to CHF 10.5 billion during this period.


Investment performance

Over the last five years comPlan has achieved an average annual return of around 3.4%. However, future returns are associated with various investment risks. Therefore, it can be assumed, that there might be individual years with modest or even negative investment performance.


The investment performance from 1st January to 31th March 2019 was 4.97%.

Annual performance as at 31st December each year



In addition to financial aspects, comPlan takes into account environmental, social and governance criteria in the investment process. We are a founding member of the Swiss Association for Responsible Investments (SVVK). The criteria of the association are based on Swiss laws as well as international agreements and conventions of the Swiss Confederation. With companies in the investment universe, which seriously and systematically violate these criteria, the association seeks dialogue. If this is unsuccessful, the company is placed on the exclusion list. comPlan respects this exclusion list, considering an additional cost-benefit assessment.

Voting rights

comPlan exercises the voting rights for all directly held shareholdings in companies domiciled in Switzerland. When exercising voting rights, the long-term interests of the insureds are the main priority. The voting behaviour is disclosed once a year.


Asset manager selection process

The securities business (portfolio management) is delegated to external asset managers whom comPlan carefully selects, instructs and monitors. In the search for a clearly defined asset management mandate, the investment office follows a standardised selection process with an objective evaluation. When we are contacted by potential asset managers , their contact details and core areas of expertise are entered in a list.