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The comPlan pension fund is a corporate pension foundation. It insures around 17,000 employees and around 9,000 pensioners of Swisscom and companies affiliated either financially or economically with Swisscom.

Foundation Council

Employee and employer representatives

Investment Committee

Employee and employer representatives


comPlan pension fund

Supervisory authority

Foundation supervisory authority for Canton Berne

Inspection bodies stipulated by law

Statutory auditor

Recognised pension fund expert

Investment advisor

Investment strategy advisor

Investment controller

Foundation Council

The Foundation Council is the governing body of comPlan and is responsible for its overall management. It establishes the regulations necessary for the management of the pension fund and defines the organisation. It appoints the members of the committees and elects the managing director, the auditors, the occupational pension expert and the investment strategy advisor. It consists of 14 members, half of whom are employee and half employer representatives (equal representation).

Employer representatives

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for implementing the defined investment strategy on the basis of the investment requirements adopted by the Foundation Council. It decides on the allocation of asset management mandates, monitors compliance with investment guidelines and regularly reviews the investment results achieved. The Investment Committee consists of six members elected by the Foundation Council, three each representing employers and employees (equal representation).

Management Board

The office is responsible for the management of the foundation. It implements the investment and pension strategy approved by the Foundation Council and its resolutions on specific business matters. It coordinates and monitors the activities of the service providers commissioned in the area of investments and liaises with the supervisory authority, the auditors, the occupational benefits expert and the investment strategy advisor. It is also responsible for providing competent and customer-oriented advice to active insureds, pension recipients and affiliated employer companies (in particular their HR offices), timely accounting and reliable technical administration. comPlan’s office has 23 employees.

Supervisory authority and Advisor

Supervisory authority

comPlan’s supervisory authority is the Bernische BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht (BBSA) in Berne. It ensures that comPlan complies with legal requirements and that the plan assets are used appropriately. comPlan is obliged to report annually to the supervisory authority and submit any changes to the regulations.

Statutory auditor

The statutory auditor of comPlan is PwC in Berne. It ensures that the annual accounts and pension accounts comply with legal requirements. It also reviews whether the organisation, the management and the investment of assets meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

Occupational pensions expert

comPlan's recognised expert for occupational benefits is Prevanto AG in Zurich. It assesses whether the pension fund has sufficient collateral to meet its obligations and whether the regulatory provisions on benefits and financing comply with legal requirements.


In the area of investments, Ortec Finance AG in Pfäffikon provides strategic advice and PPCmetrics AG in Zurich acts as the investment controller.


The ombudsman's office consists of Frédéric Bracher, Foundation Council, Urs Schaffner, Managing Director, and Susanna Monika Walker, member of the Foundation Council.

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