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Who receives what benefits?

What benefits does comPlan provide? What do insured members receive in the event of departure, retirement, disability or death? A brief and simple explanation of all of comPlan’s benefits.

Upon departure

Vested benefits rights adjustment

Transfer to new pension fund

Transfer to vested benefits foundation

Payout in the event of self-employment

Payout in the event of emigration

If you definitively transfer your place of residence to another country, you may choose whether we transfer your pension capital to an account or vested benefits foundation policy or pay it out in cash. You cannot take out the mandatory portion of your pension capital, however, if you are relocating to the EU or an EFTA member state. We will transfer this amount to an account or vested benefits foundation policy of your choice. You can view the current status of your pension capital and the amount of the mandatory portion (BVG pension capital) in your pension summary at comPlan Online.

If you wish to have your pension capital paid out in cash we will need the definitive deregistration form from the last Swiss municipality where you lived in addition to your application as well as the official confirmation of residence of the new domicile abroad. If you are not a Swiss national we will need a copy of the annulled residence permit. For a cash withdrawal your spouse or civil partner will also need to co-sign the application with certification from a notary. 

The payment of the vested benefits rights adjustment incurs withholding tax. Purchases made in the three years prior to the cash payment may also not be taken out as a lump sum (three-year vesting period). We will still pay the remaining departure benefit (less purchases made in the last three years plus interest), but purchases made in the last three years must be retroactively taxed as income.

Your capital will be transferred within 30 days of your departure/receiving all necessary documents/the date of deregistration.

Payout of small amounts

In the event of retirement

Retirement pension

Retirement-linked children’s pension

Capital withdrawal

Early retirement

Partial retirement

Adjusting for inflation

Pension payments

In the event of disability

Disability pension

Disability-linked children's pension

Disability old-age pension

Withdrawing disability pension capital

IV advance payment

Adjusting for inflation

Pension payments


Spouse’s pension

Partner’s pension

Lump sum payable on death for married persons

Lump sum payable on death for unmarried persons

Orphan’s pension

Adjusting for inflation

Pension payments

All details accurate as of December 2018. Subject to change. The provisions of the pension regulations apply in any case.