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Welcome to comPlan

comPlan is the pension fund for Swisscom and its economic or financial affiliates. We are responsible for the company pensions of around 18,000 employees and around 9,000 pensioners.


Here we provide you fast and easy, direct access to all useful tools relating to your pension.


Calculate the impact of purchases or advance withdrawals on your pension.


Simulate the impact of early retirement on your pension.


This is where you can view and download your current pension statement.


Forms, information sheets, regulations: all important documents to download.


comPlan still fully functional

The coronavirus crisis has not left comPlan unaffected. On the investment side, there were losses in market value, which resulted in a significant reduction in the coverage ratio. However, fluctuations in the value of assets have occurred repeatedly in the past. We are therefore convinced that, thanks to our good financial situation at the end of 2019 and our robust and broadly diversified investment strategy, we will overcome the coronavirus crisis in the long term. The Foundation Council, the investment committee and the branch office are monitoring the financial situation on an ongoing basis. If measures become necessary in the coming months, we will inform the insured parties in good time.


On the operational side, comPlan is still here for you. Pensions are guaranteed and will be paid out on time. Planned retirements will be carried out as agreed. Members joining and leaving comPlan will be processed in an orderly manner. At present, physical meetings are not possible, but our pension advisors can be reached by telephone, Skype or email.


We hope that all of our members will weather the coronavirus crisis in good health and that we will soon return to everyday life post-coronavirus.


The comPlan office


Changes to comPlan regulations as of 1 January 2020

As of 1 January 2020, changes will be made to savings contributions and buy-in options, the lump sum payable on death, and fees for withdrawals for home ownership.




Part-time Retirement Model 2020

Everything you need to know about the Part-time Retirement Model 2020 for employees of Swisscom Ltd and Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd can be found on the Swisscom Sharepoint page.


Annual Report 2019

The financial statements for 2019 were approved by the Foundation Councial at its meeting on 31 March, 2020


The Annual Report 2019 (German) contains important information on all figures, statements and communications from the past year. The most important information is summarized in the short annual reprt (German, French, Italian and English)

Annual Report 2019

Team & contact

Any questions? We are here for you. Here you can find contact details, opening times, bank details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.