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Welcome to comPlan

comPlan is the pension fund for Swisscom and its economic or financial affiliates. We are responsible for the company pensions of around 17,000 employees and around 9,000 pensioners.


Here we provide you fast and easy, direct access to all useful tools relating to your pension.


Calculate the impact of purchases or advance withdrawals on your pension.


Simulate the impact of early retirement on your pension.


This is where you can view and download your current pension statement.


Forms, information sheets, regulations: all important documents to download.


Changes to pension fund regulations as of 01.01.2021

New voluntary insurance option for people over 58

If your employment relationship has been terminated by Swisscom or you leave the Social Plan, you can now remain insured with comPlan on a voluntary basis, provided you are at least 58 years old when you leave.

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Buying into the pension fund: Optimise retirement benefits and save taxes

By buying into the pension fund, you can improve your retirement benefits and save taxes at the same time. In addition, the buy-in amount, like your other retirement savings, bears interest (at least 1% in 2020).


The simulation at shows you how your retirement benefits will improve after the buy-in.


Please make sure that your buy-in is credited to the comPlan account by 15 December 2020 at the latest. Buy-ins made after this date will be returned to your account without interest (except for buy-ins of completed divorce payments and early withdrawals for home ownership).


When you make your first buy-in, you must submit the form "Declaration for buying into the Pension Fund". You can find the link to the form and all further information about the buy-in at:

Team & contact

Any questions? We are here for you. Here you can find contact details, opening times, bank details, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.