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Cover for partner in the event of death

If you are not married or in a registered partnership, your partner will only receive benefits from comPlan in the event of your death if you make the appropriate arrangements during your lifetime. Do you live in the same household as your partner or do you have common children? By submitting a support agreement to us, you will make your partner the beneficiary of a partner's pension and, if applicable, a lump-sum death benefit.

If you should pass away, the following conditions must be met for your partner to receive benefits from comPlan:

  • You submitted the support agreement to comPlan during your lifetime and before you retired.

  • At the time of death, your partner is at least 40 years old and has lived with you in the same household (with the same registered place of residence) for at least five years without interruption, or your partner must be financially responsible for one or more common children.

  • Your partnership was established before you retired.

  • You are both unmarried at the time of death.

  • Your partner does not receive a spouse's or partner's pension from another pension fund. (This does not include his/her own retirement pensions from another pension fund).

comPlan only checks whether all conditions are met in the event of death. You can therefore also submit the support agreement even if, for example, you have not yet lived with your partner for 5 years or he/she is not yet 40 years old.

 Have you been married for less than 5 years but lived with your partner in the same household before marriage? Then also complete the support agreement so that the time of joint residence is considered for the calculation of the death benefits.

 Are you unsure whether you have already submitted a support agreement to comPlan? The date of the support agreement you submitted is shown under point 6 "General information" in your pension certificate from comPlan Online. If no support agreement is listed, we have not yet received the document.

 Information on death benefits for married couples, for couples in a registered partnership and for children, on the amount of death benefits and on beneficiary options for other close persons can be found at

 By the way: There is also a need for action outside of occupational benefits for unmarried couples who would like to provide for each other. Possible topics are powers of attorney (vis-à-vis banks, doctors/hospitals, etc.), inheritance law (wills/testamentary contracts, etc.) and precautionary documents (advance directives, living wills, etc.). Seek advice from professionals on what precautions you can take to protect yourself and your partner.